What an exciting week and a half! I mean, when the kitchen is installed, you’re no longer looking at the shell of a house; you’re getting the first glimpse of home!

But before I bring you the progress, let us first appreciate the days before walls… I had to write scripture on several studs throughout our new build. It’s like hiding God’s Word in the heart. Yes, my house is spiritual!😉


From here I took over and integrated all elements in keeping with the cool and casual interior design that we favor!

Honey tiled the fireplace himself with a little help from our friend, Ron, who applied the grout. IMG_0009.JPG

Allow me to continue to brag on my man, who is not only the builder, but the personal assistant in my role as Director of Design. He thought of the idea of repurposing an old kitchen island for our daughter’s bath vanity. Cute!


This past week the stair treads were installed…


And you see that hint of kitchen… here’s a pre- surface installation look.


And here’s today’s progress!

More than wanting to move in, I just want to decorate this room!


The master bath vanity.


I hope Jordan enjoys this feature.


Beyond brainstorming and finalizing a house plan, the kitchen design demands the most attention in any new build project, and to see this one materialize after months of planning… so satisfying!